Communication Technology


The existence of a twenty first century man is essentially dependent on the wide spectrum of technological advancement on a large extent. Thinking of a life without, computers, internet, mobile phones, television etc is unthinkable as per our changing conventions and luxurious lifestyles. Technology has ushered an immensely effective revolutionary effect in the minds of the modern citizens. Modern communication is an active activity of the modern day man and technology has contributed immensely in its development and resurgence.

Communication has several elements of it which in entirety make up the process of communication. Technology is known to negate and eliminate the effect of time and space, thus facilitate an unperturbed interaction between people sitting across the world. Interacting with someone via tools of modern communication in nowhere closer to proximity is a revolutionary activity which is thereby provided by the modern day communication tools. The importance of technology in the field of communication has commendable influence in the lives of the people.

It started with the advent to telegrams, mails and gradually was trailed by the invention of telephones and cell phones. Television and radios too, had their fair share of contribution to the modern society as they used to abolish the distance factor and one could easily reach up to zones which would have been clearly out of the possible human vicinity. In the present world cell phones, telephones and internet are the major tools for communication with the external world. Internet, which comes with the services like, online chats, video chats, video conferences, blogs and other forums etc. are effective mediums of communications. Video chats or video conferences even enable to have a one on one discussion with a specific person or a people’s group sitting right across the world. The importance of technology in satellite communication and cellular technology has paved way for mass media development and telecommunication, which is so easy that to remain acquainted with the happenings of the rest of the world, you need a click of a button or maybe surf news channels in the television while sitting and relaxing in your drawing room. Beyond all worldly matters, satellites also have their reach which literally is out of the world, demystifying the mysteries of the universe. The discovery of newer planets and stars is a regular affair now, thanks to the technological progression.

Communication Technology  through telephones, chats and emails are more specific when it comes to personal interaction. Making international calls might be a bit on the expensive part but then the advent of software like Skype which enables an international video chat absolutely free of cost is essentially revolutionary. Maintaining contact with friends and relatives across the world is no more difficult and also this directly implies how effective modern day technological communication system is when it comes to business exchanges and other official transactions. The importance of technology in personal as well as business bonds, via official to social networking sites bridge the gap of communication is making the world a closed knitted place to dwell in.



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