Communication Technology

Communication Technology

It goes without saying that technology has deep impact on every aspect of our lives. Technology changes the way we live, communicate, interact and talk. However, this impact is not only positive but also negative sometimes. Today, my intention is to highlight technology impact on our society, business, communication and education. I will try to provide you a clear picture of this impact that’s mean I will highlight both negative and positive aspects.

Impact of Technology on Communication

  • Positive: In past days, communication could be possible with the mean of letters and telephone but now you have latest modes of communication such as wireless network, email, instant messaging. It is quite comfy for you to remain connected with your friends and family on the go. No need to use the traditional letter method of communication when you can send instant emails to your buddies, colleagues and professionals. Now you can find and make friends on the web. Your social network can be extended within an hour on Facebook , MySpace, LinkedIn or through other social websites.  You are free to find your soul-mate with a little effort as a number of online dating portals are there to offer you a helping hand.
  • Negative: Although one can communicate instantly via internet yet you will always miss a warmth feeling of interaction in this mode of communication. Now people prefer to interact via interact than personally. Youngsters remain busy in creating their virtual social network and find no time when they can talk with their parents and friends.

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