Nowadays, technology plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. Even it has great impact in entertainment that changes our mood and state of mind. Technology as we have earlier said have great importance as we enjoy the music, plays video, having fun in games for children and many more things which we study in detail right now. So what now?? Let’s get into detail how technology works as entertainment.

  • Technology as MUSIC :- Everyone are fond of music and it would not be possible for everyone to enjoy music without having music systems and software installed. Thus all this possible only if technology is there without technology nothing is possible. Therefore we can see ,how technology changes the life style. There are large varieties of music systems involved and hence results in changing the moods of life. Even we can listen music by installing music system software that are provided everywhere. Many software built in tremendous amount  which could only be possible with the help of technology.

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    Every aspect of life is largely dependent on technology. In case you want to get an idea of importance of technology then just minus everything, which is integrated with technology, from your life and when you will do this then you feel that you are living in the ancient time.

  • Technology as VIDEO :- There are large number of video softwares and systems provided which are coming forward that let us watch the videos of great quality with marvelous video effects and sound effects. During earlier time video were normal to watch but as technology enhances, the quality of video and sound enhances. Now videos come in 3D effects and HD quality.


  • Animation effects :- Due to technology videos can now be animated. It entertains the children and fulfill their needs. Without technology it would never be possible. Now videos can be easily converted into animated movie with the help of technology that grab the attention of viewers. People love to watch animated movies like avatar, cartoons on television and many more.


  • HD quality:– Videos and movies are now largely comes in HD (High Definition) quality that stop pixilation of videos resulting in high and great quality of videos that are love to watch.



  • Internet Techonolgy :- Internet as we all know is the intercollection of networks that are connected together resulting in single network. It consists of various protocols like IP, SMTP DNS,TCP AND POP. WORLD WIDE WEB( WWW) was originally developed which make Internet highly functional, extremely good network connection.  While the internet provides multiple functions like E-mail called as electronic mail through which we can send any type of documents to anyone in a fraction of seconds. Video conferencing has now made it easy to interact with a person who is sitting far from you very easily. We can exchange audio and video conversations through Internet. Thus technology made a mark in this field making everything easy and comfortable.



Communication Technology

Communication Technology

It goes without saying that technology has deep impact on every aspect of our lives. Technology changes the way we live, communicate, interact and talk. However, this impact is not only positive but also negative sometimes. Today, my intention is to highlight technology impact on our society, business, communication and education. I will try to provide you a clear picture of this impact that’s mean I will highlight both negative and positive aspects.

The Impact of Technology in Our World Today

Impact-of-technologyTechnology has been the eye of the storm called human progress. Human beings have moved ahead with changing situations with various types of technological inventions which has made life easier over the years. In the field of communication, technology has been a winner since the time man realized that he needed something more than just symbols and under-developed language to transmit his thought across to other fellow humans. The main aim of technology is to reduce human effort and increase efficiency. With the help of some bright thinkers and scientists, today the world has reached a level where communication is a cake walk for people of all age groups.

The Impact of Technology: impact on business

In the earlier times the impact of technology in communication had limited itself to the overwhelming invention of telegraphs and telephones. Today it has undergone appreciable changes to suit the new sensibilities and requirements of the gadget friendly generation. In today’s technologically adept civilization, there is hardly any need for face to face communication as people can reach out to one another while they are miles apart through internet video conferencing. Technology has made being connected on the go a very simple task. Irrespective of the corner of the world one is in, he or she can talk to anyone across the globe. Apart from mobile phone connection and internet facilities social networking has managed to make a niche for itself in the world of technological communications. More and more people are taking their virtual lives seriously to an extent where social networking has become an indispensable part of their routine often prioritizing it over one’s social life. The fact that instantaneous communication is possible with technology also makes it all the more in demand and preferable. It is easier to engage in video conferencing than to travel vast distances to see and talk to people.

Internet Underscores the Impact of Technology

Despite its benefits, the impact of technology in communication today has its own set of prominent disadvantages. There is always the inherent doubt of being duped on the internet during chat sessions. Communication over the internet always leaves space for ambiguity which is utilized by certain unreliable people. Even information gained through long distance communication has more chances of not being completely genuine as compared to that acquired through direct interactions. The sudden need to be socially active on social networking sites by creating a virtual identity is another factor of concern for many. The private sphere is shrinking drastically as more people publicize their lives to startling levels. Finally, communication technology today is facing the ire of a lot of critics because of the health concerns that have cropped up due to prolonged technological exposure. Mobile phone radiations are said to be carcinogenic while too much of television exposure affects the eyesight and reduces physical activity.

Communication technology therefore has its own share of pros and cons. It is just a matter of perspective to determine which among the two carries more weightage. Hence, the impact of technology in the field of communication is humongous, but whether it has been a positive influence or negative is still a very highly debatable topic.